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    The Elos fanboys who weren’t satiated by the Elos PS200 teaser and video will take delight in a full review by Elos France. The complete rundown of the Elos PS200 power skimmer is brought to you by part of the Elos family but we have read the review (in French) and we feel that it does a fair job of highlighting the features of one of the smallest and simplest Elos protein skimmers ever. The only thing about the Elos PS200 that irks us a little bit is the far flung placement of the outflow pipe which could have been kept a little closer to the body, but we understand the Elos PS200 is designed for maximum compatibility with the Elos Midi sump.*

    Below is just a small sampling of Elos PS200 pictures but for the full monty of the new Elos Power Skimmer 200 check it out on Elos France, hope you read French.



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