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    The Elos PowerSkimmer family just grew from one to five with the announcement of four new models to compliment the Elos PS200. Along with the entry level PowerSkimmer 200, Elos announced the PS1000, PS2000, PS4000 and PS6000 which are all Sicce Powered with needle-wheel injection coupled with a now standard issue bubble diffuser plate.

    elos-powerskimmer.png As you might expect, the larger Elos PowerSkimmers are beautifully crafted with exquisite styling and the premium Elos designer price tag just so you know that it was built by an elite Italian artisan. The Elos PS1000 and PS2000 are both powered by the Sicce PSK600 and they retail for*€730 ($932) and*€913 ($1165) respectively.

    The two largest Elos PowerSkimmers are the PS4000 and PS6000, the first of which uses a single PSK1000 and is priced at*€1293 ($1651) while the PS6000 breaks the mold by having both its PSK1000 pumps inside the body, but the pricing for this model has not been revealed. To be clear Elos is charging quite a lot for their one-pump protein skimmer models so let’s hope that the design of their PowerSkimmers has been fine tuned to squeeze out every last drop of performance from them.*[Elos]


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