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    Elos NFC Planet Pro appears to be an app for Elos Elite LEDs that we may ‘soon’ see in the future. Despite InterZoo being more than 9 months away, Elos is throwing out the teaser that their Elite LEDs will be able to speak some NFC.

    NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication‘ and it is a wireless protocol that has been incorporated into some Android smartphones for exchanging small files, and for mobile payment processing. Since NFC is not yet built into Windows or Apple’s iOS devices, the Android fans out there will be the first to take advantage of the NFC feature that Elos is promising with NFC Planet Pro.

    Although to be fair, there’s not a crazy suite of functionality yet baked into the Elite LEDs, so the first accessible controls for the NFC Elite LEDs might just be the adjustment of the basic color channels, white, red, green and blue. With Elos making a stronger push in international aquarium markets this year the unveiling of Elos NFC Planet Pro may come sooner than InterZoo – time will tell.

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