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    Leave it to Elos to once again to come up with a well designed product with some serious appeal. The* bracket to mount their new Elite fixture is probably as sexy as the fixture itself. Polished stainless steel, clear acrylic brackets, smooth curves and a low profile all add up to some serious eye candy. The Elos Elite 3L is basically the tall and skinny brother of the Elos Elite 3S we’ve thoroughly covered before. Rather than the 24 x 15 cm foot print of the 3S the Elos Elite 3L has a foot print of 60 x 7 cm, and rather than the standard twelve Cree XP-E LEDs with a maximum expansion to 36 LEDS the Elos Elite 3L features a standard 24 Cree XP-E LEDs with the option to expand up to 48 diodes.

    Considering that the Elos Elite 3L is basically a different variation of the same model the inner and outer workings are exactly the same. The fixture’s outer body is a solid piece of machined aluminum, and features a single fan on the bottom that draws in air in cooling the LEDs. Like it’s younger brother the Elos Elite 3L offers an assortment of different replacable LED “sticks” including Cree XP-E HEW Cool Whites, XP-E Reds, XP-E Greens, XP-E Blues and XT-E 457nm Royal Blues. Like it’s younger brother the Elos Elite 3L also features optional optics, and a fan that remains off until you start adding the additional LED modules. No word yet on pricing or availability of the Elos Elite back bracket.
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