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8 May 2007
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The Elos E-Lite Mini LED is a new light with a familiar and classic design. It hasn’t even been ten years since Elos was one of the first major manufacturer to release a real LED lighting fixture, the E-Lite LED, but already we miss this original and iconic simple aquarium fixture.

With no added surface area or active heatsinking, the Elos E-Lite Mini hearkens back to simpler times when we were lucky to have LEDs in both blue and white under a single fixture. Of course Elos is not going totally retro with the E-Lite Mini since it uses the latest high efficiency LEDs with both blue and royal blue LEDs, in proper ratios with bright cool white LEDs.

Like the original E-Lite, the E-Lite Mini uses a solid slab of aluminum for thermal management, it has a solid right-angled mounting arm and it uses basic white reflectors to direct light down into the tank and reduce glare. For Elos the Mini is a simple way to offer a light that just works when it is turned on to display a small cube shaped tank, without having to get too complicated with color combinations and controlling features.

Elos demonstrated a prototype of the Elos E-Lite Mini LED at MACNA but it will probably have a different look, feel and maybe even a different name if Elos really decides to bring it to market. We can expect Elos to show its cards regarding the Mini LED at the big pet and aquarium shows in Europe next year.


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