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    The Concept80 from Elos is a new idea to help streamline and simplify the process of owning a basic aquarium. The highly customizable Elos Concept80 is designed from the ground up to make it as easy as possible to have the most versatile aquarium from Elos. The basic Concept80 is the Concept80 Pool, which is a bare rimless tank with high clarity glass, but most reefers will be interested in the pre-drilled reef-ready Concept80 System. The specially designed stand for the Elos Concept80 is mostly white and available with a red, black, grey or green accent stripe and it is ready to accept the Sump200 and accompanying PowerSkimmer200.

    Capping off the whole Elos Concept80 System is the Elos Estripe built into the svelte Elos Aquatop LED light fixture. The Aquatop is also customizable with the fixture being able to receive any number and combination of E-stripe LED strips and the housing can be painted to match the stand. It’s unclear exactly how much a fully loaded Concept80 System will cost will all the trimmings, and the exact size of the Concept80 is also somewhat nebulous. One thing that is certain is that we’ll be swinging by the Elos booth at InterZoo 2012 and getting the whole lowdown first hand. [Elos via LSS]

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