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    Click here to view the embedded video.

    We gave you a quick overview of the new Elos Concept80 aquariums by the Italian manufacturer and have uncovered this video flyby of the aquariums. One compelling item to note on the Elos Concept80 Pool and Elos Concept80 System is the option to change the color accent of the system. Elos has always been known for their fine lines and simplicity, now with the new Concept80 and its color option there is another way to add some visual punch to the system.

    The base color of the Elos Concept80 is white but if you need to add some*red, black, grey or green accent stripe and matching lighting- the Elos Concept80 has got you covered. You can’t go wrong with the rimless aesthetic of the Elos aquarium in either of the two options but the Elos Concept80 System is more of the reefer ready product, predrilled with a built in overflow and sump system. Add in a MiniSump 200, a PowerSkimmer200 and a matching E-Lite 3 or Aquatop E-Lite and you’ll be looking at one tricked out little reef tank. It goes without saying that the Elos booth is on the top of our list to check out at Interzoo 2012 later this month.
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