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    elos-aquastudio-1.jpg The Elos Aquastudio in Singapore is shaping up to be a pretty swanky retail experience

    The Elos Aquastudio setting up shop in Singapore is not even open for business yet we’ve finagled a sneak peek at one of the first of the Elos Aquastudio concept stores. In contrast to the European Elos Aquastudios, we expect that the Singapore and New York Aquastudios will be some of the most saltwater and reef-centric since there is a much stronger presence of freshwater aquascaping in Europe. Follow the break for a closer look at the killer aquascaping and presentation that is going down at the Singapore Elos Aquastudio.*

    elos-aquastudio-2.jpg The large queen angelfish is the perfect touch to the excellent aquascaping and presentation of this coral reef aquarium at the Singapore Elos Aquastudio

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