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    Just slightly over a month ago, Elite Corals Australia snagged up one of the most sensational bubble coral we’ve ever seen. With yellow oil sleek patterns artfully decorating a standard issue green bubble, we were knocked off our socks. This time, Elite Corals is back with another fantastic LPS.*

    As mentioned in our previous article, hammer corals come in a dizzying array of colours. However the gold or yellow morph from Australia proves to be the most sought after and beautiful of the bunch. Unlike this golden yellow “hamspawn”, the hammer coral is more commonly seen in this coloration. Though by no means common, and obtaining a good quality golden hammer is challenging. The prized specimen pictured above by Elite Corals seriously packs a punch.

    To beat the naysayers, Elite Coral has meticulously taken this photo under blue and white LEDs, and took great effort in colour correction the picture using white balance cards so that it looks just as how your eyes would see it in real life. Regardless of where and what you’re viewing this post from, here’s no denying the highlighter yellowness of this hammer.
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