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    As you may have guessed the yellow, orange but most often red colonies of Eleutherobia are non-photosynthetic, filter feeding fine particles from the water column. Some species of Eleutherobia*Fuzzy Carrot coral occur in shallow water but only in caves or overhangs and it only extends polyps at night so it will need a dark place in*the*aquarium if it you want to enjoy the full glory of the Fuzzy Carrot Coral.

    Fuzzy Carrot coral is a species of Eleutherobia*soft coral which is beginning to be imported as maricultured specimens by Quality Marine. Looking a little like Chili coral, Eleutherobia rarely branches and it is shaped like a sausage or carrot, hence the fitting “Fuzzy Carrot Coral” moniker which brilliantly describes how this coral looks with polyps outstretched.

    The Fuzzy Carrot coral is just beginning to land on US shores but we have a picture of a maricultured piece with at least five stalks of orange-red*Eleutherobia. Since the Fuzzy Carrot coral appears to have larger polyps hopefully it won’t be too picky in terms of captive food requirements*but*we won’t*know*for sure until Quality Marine really begins shipping out this new maricultured softy to the all*the*Azoox coral nuts out there.* Eleutherobia-fuzzy-carrot.jpg

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