Elegance Coral having some trouble

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    Hi Guys

    So my two elegance corals has been in my tank for around 3 months now, but the one had some trouble starting a month or so back.

    The elegance opened fully everyday from the start but then I started to notice the flesh starting to dying off on the one side only and it left the skeleton open. My other elegance on the other hand is just getting bigger and bigger.

    The coral stopped dying off and I have read that it wont grow back where the skeleton is open now. I turned it around the other day to just take the flow away form the side where the flesh is gone when I saw two holes right under the flesh.

    I just would like to know if there is maybe a parasite or something?

    What can I also do so the elegance will grow larger?

    See image below (coral is not expanded in image)

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    Is it in a strong flow area?

    Pic isnt very clear regarding the holes. Is there anything living in them? From the pic the flesh looks fine around the holes, so it may be an innocent hitchhiker worm/mollusc living there.

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