RSS Eheim UV Sterilizer uses power compact reflector to focus on germicidal efficiency

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    The new Eheim UV Sterilizer is the third aquarium germicidal lamp from Eheim which features an efficient flow-through design ideal for piggybacking the water supply from canister filters. The third generation Eheim UV Sterilizer comes in*7, 9 and 11 watts, using a power compact UV bulb inside with a reflector for increased exposure of water to the ultraviolet (UV) light. Eheim’s new UV sterilizers are very easy on the eyes and are an easy add-on to existing aquariums using a sump or canister filter as primary life support for the*aquarium*system. The new Eheim UV Sterilizer will be available in Europe in October but won’t be released in North America for at least another year.
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