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    The Eheim StreamON propeller pump is the venerable company’s first new pump design in years. While there’s been nary a trickle of information or details on this side of the pond, we’ve done our best to vacuum up as much details from our European reefing brothers.

    The latest bit of media to reveal the new Eheim StreamON+ pump is a video from Valdes & Valdes*showing what Germany’s esteemed aquarium company has come up with. Noise dampening pads, magnetic mounts, multidirectional nozzle and a two bladed propeller are a great design, so great in fact it seems like we’ve seen it before.

    We were really going to try not to say this but we can’t help it; the StreamOn+ looks more or less like what we’d expect someone to design and build if they were trying to build a Tunze NanoStream, while at the same time not actually building the same thing. The irony of this situation is that Eheim has a multidirectional ball shaped water pump called the AquaBall, which they should have adopted in the design of the StreamON+.

    In any case, if the StreamON+ delivers the flow, and the features, at a reasonable price, it’ll still make a very capable water mover. Eheim hasn’t said hardly anything regarding a US release so we’ll just have to see what this pump is capable of in Europe before it gets a turn in America and abroad.

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