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    The Eheim reeflexUV UV sterilizers we spotted at InterZoo is making its European debut. Coming in three sizes — the Eheim reeflexUV 350, 500 and 800 — are rated to cover aquariums from 80 to 800 liters and as we noted previously, consumes*7, 9 or 11 watts*depending*on the size. According to the product page on the Eheim website,*the new UV sterilizer utilizes a built-in reflector to notch up performance 1.8 times over other UV sterilizers. The simple design allows you to easily plumb the reefluxUV into your system, plus the design is pretty easy on the eyes and won’t look to bad tucked under the aquarium. These look useful to run on your main system or to keep on handy for quarantine or breeding systems. The initial pricing should be around $120 for the*Eheim reeflexUV 350, $165 for the*Eheim reeflexUV 500 and $200 for the*Eheim reeflexUV 800. These units should start shipping soon and made available in early December. Look for a North American release next year.

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