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8 May 2007
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The Eheim Professional 4+ canister filter is ‘coming soon’, bringing with it new refinements and features. Eheim’s canister filters are the most venerated around the world with their Professional series being the gold standard for the canister product category.

Over the years Eheim has experimented with a wide range of ‘Cadillac’ canister filters offering a wet-dry version, a Thermo version, and even an electronic version which can be interfaced with a standard computer. Details on the new Eheim Professional 4+ are scant but we are expecting Eheim’s new best tier to function better than ever.

Some models of the Eheim Professional series canister filters have offered a built-in heater option.

Besides its trademark robust design and dependable performance, the Eheim Professional 4+ will come with a heater option, although this might not be safe for saltwater use. It’s hard to gauge what other features might be incorporated into the new Pro 4+ canister filter from Eheim, the exterior of it looks nearly identical to previous models of the Professional 3, save for one dial which we presume will allow for flow control to be a standard feature.

If there’s one thing that Eheim could really ameliorate about its Professional 4+ canister filter series is that although the filter is the clear ‘Cadillac’ in its field, that ‘Cadillac’ price is getting harder and harder to swallow with so many equally quiet and reliable new canister filters on the market. Sure you can easily run an Eheim canister filter for decades with regular maintenance but who can afford the stratospheric price for filling a large Eheim canister with all of their filter media?

Canister filters have been extremely relegated away from use in saltwater tanks, but some nutrient heavy fish tanks and unique applications can still benefit from the efficient mechanical filtration that canister filters provide. There’s no timeline on the release of the new Eheim Professional 4+ canister filter, but hopefully it’s not as much of an incremental upgrade as new models have been in the past.


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