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    It was just over two years ago when we picked up on the story about the Eheim powerCleaner — a motorized, vibrating power cleaner for brushing that tough algae off your aquarium — and now it looks like it is finally ready to hit the market. Our friends at Aquaristica posted a video of the Eheim powerCleaner in action we have after the break.

    According to the rough translation from German to English, the powerCleaner features:

    • Battery operated and fully submersible
    • Handheld for most aquariums but*extension*handle can be used for larger, deeper aquariums
    • Cleaning width is 8 cm
    • Switchable LED light so see what you are scrubbing
    We don’t have any word on when it will be out. the Eheim website has no pricing indicated but that is will be ready somewhere between late 2011 and early 2012. We can only assume with the video being released, the*company*is getting ready to set it free in the wild.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    [via Acuaristica]
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