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    In the latest of a long string of products we’ve spotted first overseas and now available in North America, the Eductor-powered biopellet reactor will soon be within reach for American reef builders. The eductor-in-a-reactor design was first spied at the Reef Systems booth at Aquarama in Singapore where we were told that this was a semi-generic OEM product. Unlike the typical biopellet reactor which uses a perforated diffuser plate at the bottom of the reaction chamber to fluidize biomedia, the eductor biopellet reactor uses flow accelerator device to aggressively mix biopellets.

    With many biopellet reactors we’ve seen the media can tend to clog and channel even in conditions of high flow but the eductor reactor is much more forceful. We don’t recommend using the eductor reactor for carbon or GFO but the shear forces produced by this strong mixing reactor should be perfect for dislodging bacteria biofilm from biopellets which should accelerate nutrient export by a protein skimmer and expose more nutritious surfaces for more bacteria to grow.* In addition to the eductor mixing design this bioreactor also appears to have an access port for adding more biopellets as it is consumed by bacteria. The eductor biopellet reactor is available now from Seven Ports which is wholesale only but this product should sell for about $100 to end users.
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