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    Ecoxotic is a ReefStock regular and as such, they’ve usually got a few nice new tricks up their sleeves for us to enjoy and blog on during the show. This year the big reveal from Ecoxotic is the E Series LED striplight and an inline LED controller-timer.

    The Ecoxotic E-Series LED striplight is the third full incarnation fo the form factor which the company has always excelled at designing and bringing to market. While the E-Series might be a little thicker than its Panorama Pro counterpart, this time around it features a built-in reflector which helps with light spread and also eliminates glare into the viewers eyes – one of our favorite touches.

    [​IMG]Micro pseudo-multichips of LEDs rated for one watt combined, with a three to one ratio of white LEDs and RGB multi-diodes for precise color control. If we recall correctly, even the white LEDs are evenly split between 6,000K and 8,000K for a good spread of white light spectrum before the splashes of color are added by the RGB diodes.

    There are two primary channels of color control, and three secondary channels baked into the RGB part of the E Series striplight from Ecoxotic. The RGB and white channels are controlled by a slim, unobtrusive inline controller-timer. The Ecoxotic inline controller-timer will also be a standalone product, but in this case it is the brains of the E Series striplight, and it is accessed by a dead-simple little remote control.

    [​IMG]Like familiar and related products from Current USA, the Ecoxotic Inline Controller and remote allow for gradual sunrise and sunset simulation by dimming the entire strip of LEDs, moonlighting is also possible and weather effects can be accessed on-demand. The four foot E-Series LED striplight that Ecoxotic showed off this weekend was the first prototype in their hands so as expected, pricing and availability is to be determined. But if the performance and usability of the E Series hold anywhere close to the award-winning Current USA Satellite +, this could be a great generational improvement of this popular aquarium lighting form factor.

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