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    Ecoxotic has been selling the 120 watt LED Cannon to public aquariums and institutions so fast that it’s taken them all this time to begin to approach the aquarium hobby. The 120 watt Ecoxotic LED Cannon is a lighter, brighter and more complete version of the best-selling 50 and 100 watt Cannon that have appeared on a multitude of impressive aquarium setups around the world (this one, this one and this one come to mind). With an integrated driver, vapor heatsink technology, adjustable hanging kit and 120 watt multichip, Ecoxotic’s newest Cannon LED takes the classic design and kicks it up a notch.


    We got our first look at the 120 watt Cannon LED from Ecoxotic nine months ago at MACNA in Des Moines. At the time time Ecoxotic was only teasing the light to the aquarium market, and it promised that the 120 watt Cannon LED would eventually*come to the reefers of the world. The light is available to order now from Ecoxotic, with the whole 120 watt Cannon LED package costing $699. The 120 watt Cannon LED comes with a flat glass lens but additional lenses with 60, 90 or 120 degree beam angles can be easily retrofitted on the end, listing for $49 a piece although those are not yet in stock.

    More importantly, the 120 watt Cannon LED comes in three colors, 5,000K white, 12,000K white and an all blue with a spectral emission peak at that sweet 453nm wavelength. Keep in mind that the 120 watt multichip spotlight is a long and strong one, the entire housing of which is almost ten inches high, inconvenient for hobbyist size aquariums and reinforcing Ecoxotic’s position that 120 watts of LED from a single point is really only suited to enormous light needs on gigantic and super deep aquariums.*[Ecoxotic]

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