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    The Ecoxotic One Touch Controller is a neat new controller from the LED lighting company that not only allows for dimming also lets you set up timers, moonlighting and even cloud cover simulation. Compatible with the Panorama Pro, Stunner Strips and the Cannon, the Ecoxotic One Touch Controller is an attempt to create a uniform controller for the whole Ecoxotic line. The difference is definitely quite massive compared to the previous light-adjustment knob that comes with the Panorama Pro LED strips, which only allowed manual dimming. There is some overlapping with the Panorama Pro RGB controller, although the separate infrared sensor and remote is where the similarities basically end. *The Ecoxotic One Touch Controller is a beast of it’s own, and were excited to see Ecoxotic moving towards a more controllable LED future.*Click through for more images and details.


    The Ecoxotic One Touch comes with two main parts, a driver box with LCD and a remote. The driver box is built out of black metal, that actually looks really good. The remote on the other hand, looks like any similar remote on the market. Current light settings are displayed on the LCD display on the driver box, but the driver box itself lacks any interface and all controls are actually done with the remote. When programming the controller, you will have to look at the driver box while using the remote. It feels slightly*awkward*at first, especially since we kept having the urge to use the driver box to modify settings, but once we got used to the interface however, everything worked just fine.

    Programming the controller with the remote is unfortunately still not the most intuitive thing in the world, and you’ll*definitely*will need to refer to the manual if you want to make full use of all the features. Not a big deal for most consumers, but if you expect to setup the controller in a matter of minutes without glancing at the manual you are going to be out of luck.


    Beside the driver and the remote, the Ecoxotic touch controller also comes with an infrared sensor. You may wonder why they wouldn’t just put a sensor in the driver box, rather than adding yet another part, but it actually makes sense. Infrared signals are easily blocked by things such as walls and even your canopy. Meaning that most infrared based remotes won’t work unless you lift up you canopy door, which almost defeats the wireless aspect. By being able to place the sensor outside of your canopy you won’t be faced by this problem. A neat well thought out addition to the controller.

    We’ve yet to do*thorough*testing, but expect a full review once we do. The Ecoxotic One touch controller should be*available*in the next couple weeks and should additionally be shipped with all Ecoxotic fixtures soon. Meanwhile check out the pictures below.









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