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    While we are all about the saltwater over here, we have a fond appreciation for freshwater planted aquariums and were glad to see Ecoxotic getting a little fresh today — freshwater that is. *Ecoxotic has announced a freshwater version of the EcoPico along with EcoPico freshwater LED strips and a freshwater version of the Ecoxotic Panorama LED strip.

    The svelt EcoPico Plant includes the same 6 mm rimless glass tank, internal filter and pump, beveled glass top and mounting clips. This version features two EcoPic strips in the LED arm with one 12,000K white/blue to give a bit of crisp white light to balance out the two*8,000K/6,500K white LED strips.

    If you have an EcoPico aquarium or another tiny tank you’d like to turn into an aqua garden, you can purchase the*8,000K/6,500K white LED strips separately. For larger systems, the new Ecoxotic Panorama Freshwater LED kit is the perfect choice. The Panorama Freshwater LED strip has 12 LEDs, mostly*6,500K for plant growth and a few 453nm blue LED to round out the coloration. The Freshwater Panorama LED kit includes mounting hardware, canopy brackets and 12W power supply.

    The EcoPico Plant runs $129.00. the EcoPico LED strips run $22.95 and the Freshwater Panorama modules are on sale for $59.95 for a limited time. Visit the Ecoxotic website or your favorite Exoxotic retailer to order these fresh products.
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