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    Earlier this month Ecoxotic teased us with a promising new LED, the E Series striplights with integrated reflectors, multicolor, multichannel control and remote controllability. While Ecoxotic had a strip on their ReefStock table, we didn’t get a taste of the E Series in action until we got to see ORA’s booth at Global Pet Expo in Orlando.

    With just two four foot strip of the E Series ORA’s captive grown corals and captive bred fish were super bangin’ with colors and vibrance that could catch your attention from several aisles over. It was astounding to see such an amazingly good color rendition over a reef tank in action with superb fidelity to the colors of the fish and the corals – both the chromatic pigments of the fish and the fluorescent colors of the corals were well represented.

    Bear in mind, this is Ecoxotic’s daylight version of the E-Series which will likely be followed up my a more marine striplight populated by cooler whites and more discrete blue LEDs. Currently the E Series doesn’t have any discrete blue LED and the only blue light is coming *through the white LEDs and included in the RGBW section of the chips.

    If Ecoxotic can really nail the blue led selection for their inevitable Marine E Series version of this light it will be possible to mix and match the daylight and blue E Series lights to get the best of of both worlds in terms of color and growth, not to mention the tunable colors that will come with them.

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