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    The Ecoxotic 25 Gallon LED Aquarium System is a modern all-in-one reef tank, providing a solid and stylish all-in-one system. For a company just over a year old, Ecoxotic has made their presence known in the aquarium and reef aquarium LED lighting market.* As an outsider not heavily into the specifics of Cree this and PAR that, it was more fundamental design choices and more affordable pricing of the Ecoxotic 25 gallon LED aquarium that caught my attention.

    Ecoxotic also makes a strong brand promise with the tagline “Endangering the Status Quo.” * For a guy who has a few 24 gallon JBJ Nanocubes that are truly on their deathbeds after four or five years *and arguably embodying the “status quo,” what does progress and evolution look like?* Well, the crew at Ecoxotic answered that question when I sought out a tank manufacturer to provide upgraded digs for the infamous Lightning Maroon clownfish.* Now, courtesy of Ecoxotic, I get to share their idea of what it takes to “Endanger the Status Quo” with the Reef Builders audience.

    The Ecoxotic Aquarium System arrived via FedEX after a week transit time.* Three brown boxes marked with prominent “Fragile” and “This End Up” labeling were delivered to my front door.* While hefty, all were manageable for a slightly overweight, non-athletic desk jockey like me.* I opted to work from the ground up, starting with the stand.

    Assembling the Stand for the Ecoxotic 25 Gallon 18 in. Cube LED Aquarium System

    First off, I was definitely impressed by the quality with heavier, more dense components than other particleboard stands on the market. *I can only hope this translates into a longer lifespan than the coarse particleboard of the Nanocubes, which over the years has absorbed spills and drips and is now “blossoming” at the seams.* Ecoxotic tells us the stands are made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), which won’t swell if it gets wet.

    DSC_0365.jpg Ecoxotic 25 gallon 18 in. cube stand - all the panels

    DSC_0413.jpg Ecoxotic 25 Gallon 18" Cube Stand - front (left) and 2 back panels

    If you look real carefully at the back panels (right two panels), you’ll see three small holes running vertically in the picture.* These holes are pilots for stand mounting of the Panorama fixture, and they’re only on the cam-lock side of the part.* I didn’t realize that, and I assembled the stand with the cam locks on the inside.* When it came time to mount the stand, I had to do some drilling from inside the stand.* My best solution — if you’re going to use a stand mounted Panorama light, drill these holes out (I used a 7/64 in. bit) before assembling the stand, then it won’t matter which way you install these panels and you’ll be ready later on.

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