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    Matt continues his review of the Ecoxotic 25 gallon LED aquarium system which will be the future home of the Lightning Maroon Clownfish. Following up on his unboxing of*the stand and*the tank, and the Panorama LED fixture, here is Matt’s final installment on the package’s Stunner LED strip and overall first impressions of the system from Ecoxotic.

    DSC_0170.jpg Ecoxotic Stunner Strip - 453nm Blue is just beautiful

    You’ve probably seen “Stunner Strips” popping up as a quick reef aquarium LED lighting retrofit, or add-on for shimmer or moonlighting. Each stunner strip utilizes only 6W of power, yet packs a punch. Each water resistant strip has 24 little LEDs. The strips are modular and do require an external power supply. One power supply can run up to six Stunner Strips. You can connect them in a series and there are also splitters to set them up in parallel.

    The Ecoxotic Panorama 17.5 in. LED Fixture ships with one 453nm Blue Stunner Strip plus a 24V Power Supply and some accessories. This is your supplemental actinic or moonlight for the system.

    DSC_0161.jpg Ecoxotic Stunner Strip and Power Supply - in the box

    DSC_0163.jpg Ecoxotic Stunner Strip and Power Supply - what's inside!

    DSC_0170.jpg Ecoxotic Stunner Strip - 453nm Blue is just beautiful

    So yeah, basic setup is truly a snap. Make a few connections and plug it in. So really, the only question was “How do I mount this in the Panorama Fixture?” Well, there are several stock mounting options.

    DSC_0183.jpg Ecoxotic Stunner Strip - top row, metal clips can be screwed in (I applied tape to the back). middle row, cord organizers, useful for taming cord and for mounting the one "tailing end" you'll have. bottom row, the back of the stunner strip already has 3m double-sided tape for a more permanent mounting option.

    The Stunner Strip comes with two metal clips and two screws. You can screw the stunner strip directly into something else, or you can screw the clips in and then attached the Stunner Strip with the clips. I liked the idea of having the Stunner Strip easily removable should I ever want to swap it out, so the clips were attractive to me. Unfortunately, I’m not adventurous enough to drill into the metal Panorama housing just to attached these clips. So, the only real option is double sided tape, already installed on the back of the stunner strip (see the red 3M tape in the second image above). This seemed a bit permanent, so I came up with my own option – picked up some doubled sided foam tape from the hardware store and taped the clips to the housing with that! Not sure if it will work well or not, but I can always go with the pre-installed tape later on (Ecoxotic tells me that while strong, if you really need to, you can a Stunner Strip that has been mounted using that tape). So here’s how the Stunner Strip got installed.

    DSC_0239.jpg Ecoxotic Stunner Strip - I've added 3rd party double-sided foam tape to the back of the metal clips to attach the clips to the Panorama fixture.

    DSC_0242.jpg Removed the Panorama Fixture from its stand in preparation for Stunner Strip mounting.

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