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    Ecoxotic’s 120 watt cannon LED light recently hit production after we first spied it using vapor filled heat pipes last year. The 120 watt cannon is powered by a multi-chip LED with an integrated driver for easier installation. The larger cannon will penetrate water depths over 30 feet in three different variants including a 5K, 10K or 253NM blue. *The specifications seem very similar to the 100 watt cannon LED that has been very popular with aquarists and larger aquariums but with the added boost of 20 additional watts. We don’t have a retail price but we would assume the 120 watt cannon LED has a higher starting price than $499—which happens to be the retail price of the smaller 100 watt version. *Anyone have a depth of over 30 feet they would like to illuminate? Hobbyists might not, but public aquaria folks are probably drooling at the mouth right now. More pictures below the break.



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