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    ReefLink is the name of Ecotech Marine‘s new wireless hub of product or products discovered in a recent trademark filing. The documentation sniffed out by Reefs describes ReefLink as “Electronic controllers for aquarium equipment”, also of the programmable kind, offering some clue that the new device could be at the very least a bridge to the wireless Vortech and Radion pumps, and at the most a full blow aquarium controller.

    ReefLink sounds like the perfect name for a net-capable device that can more permanently bring control of Vortech pumps and Radion LED lights into Ecosmart Live. Currently a wired connection to a Radion is required to connect and program the lights, which is not a permanent cruise control solution as it is not*recommended*for the fixture to be permanently plugged in. Perhaps this is where ReefLink fills that gap.

    It was in July two years ago that Reef Builders revealed the Radion trademark which was followed barely two months later by the LED light’s reveal at MACNA. We’re just under four months to the big show at which point it is very likely we will see what Ecotech’s ReefLink is all about but like Apple rumors we’ll probably sniff out more details leading up to an official announcement.

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