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    ecotech-radion-led.png trademark registration for the Ecotech 'Radion' LED light

    The Ecotech Radion LED is a newly registered trademark from Ecotech Marine, makers of the Vortech propeller water pump. For years Ecotech Marine just made water pumps and a battery for it, but this year we saw a completely new product from them with the Ecotech Elements super glue so it’s no surprise to see the trademark appear for the Ecotech Radion LED light. We reached out to Tim Marks, Director of Production for Ecotech Marine regarding the registration of Radion LED trademark.

    “EcoTech’s policy is not to comment on products which we may or may not be actively developing.” Tim Marks

    The trademark for a Radion LED light was first filed by Ecotech Marine with the USPTO back in March 10, 2011. With so much engineering under the hood of the Vortech pumps and their wireless Ecosmart controllers, the Radion LED trademark probably doesn’t represent a small novelty like the battery backup or the coral glue; we expect Ecotech Marine to dive headfirst into the deep end of the pool of aquarium LED lighting. We have no doubt that Ecotech Marine is interested in building an LED light for reef aquariums, but there’s no telling how far along they may be and what it will be like.

    Perhaps the Radion LED from Ecotech will have touch sensitive controls like the AI Nano, RGB LEDs like the Mame Ecolight or super high efficiency Cree and Phillips diodes like the Maxspect Mazarra. In either case, if and when Ecotech Marine does release the Radion LED, the first place we’d expect to see it as at the upcoming MACNA conference in Iowa. Stay tuned . . .
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