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    Ecotech just announced the Ecotech Marine Radion rail kits today that allow you to connect two or more Radion LED fixtures together. The kits are simple but give you a sleek way to mount multiple Radion lights that don’t detract from the beauty of the fixture or the aquarium. The rail kits come in two*flavors,*with a long and a short version giving you an option for mounting with a condensed or a spread out array.

    “Many tanks need multiple lights, and there’s no better way to deliver that than with multiple Radions,” EcoTech Marine sales director Jay Sperandio said. “Our new rail kits allow an attractive and flexible solution for hanging two or more Radions together.”

    So what comes in with each kit? Each EcoTech Marine Radion rail kit features:

    • Compatibility with the existing Premium Hanging Kit
    • Support for multiple Radion LED lighting systems using rail or +one rail kits.
    • The ability to hang Radions close together or widely spaced
    • Sleek, lightweight anodized aluminum construction
    You can grab your Radion rail kits at the Ecotech Marine parts store. The long rail kit runs $75 and a “plus one” kit that allows you to add another Radion light with cost you $50. The short rail kit retails for $55 with the “plus one” coming in at $35.
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