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    Click here to view the embedded video.

    This Radion XR30w video is an intimate look at the hotly anticipated new LED light from Ecotech Marine. The video of the Radion XR30w demonstrates all of the major features of the Ecotech Marine LED light: 34 LEDs, running a total of 130 watts, with five channels of color control, multiple color presets and wireless communication between the Radion XR30w and an Ecosmart Vortech pump.

    Moreover, of course the video shows off the pure aesthetics of the Radion XR30w from the glossy black top with touch-sensitive controls, matte rubberized outer edge and a unique cluster of LEDs backed up with bi-angled individual reflectors. The one thing that the Radion XR30w video doesn’t show is the lights running over corals, but we’ll see a ton of videos of Radions running over reef tanks once they start shipping in a couple of weeks.

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