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    Congratulations to Ecotech Marine for winning their second Reef Builders LED Showdown for the year 2013. It’s been a long road getting through the whole year, with so many great new LED lights revealed in the last 12 months. Starting with 32 contenders in our annual vote-off bracket, the best lights in the marine aquarium hobby today worked their way to the top and the people, the fans, all were heard with their vote.

    The finals between AquaIllumination & Ecotech Marine were very competitive with Ecotech Marine pulling ahead by just a few percent. But in the end, the Ecotech Marine Radion*is*one of those lights we’ve seen installed in larege numbers on reef aquariums, planted tanks, and even fish displays all over the world. No kidding ya’ll, there’s a ton of Radions out in the wild; we even heard that there’s a few in the GooglePlex lighting up some kind of water feature.

    When it comes to feature set and functionality, the Radion has definitely been leading the pack with wireless control, hive networkability, control over different color channels and a balanced ratio of an assortment of LED colors to create a really capable LED reef aquarium light. With so much the Radion can already do, we’re excited to think what Ecotech Marine might deliver in future iterations of their flagship LED light and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store.
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    I love mine, awesome light, awesome price!

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