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    We have featured Nyos aquarium products several times over the years to highlight many of their interesting and otherwise refined aquarium ideas. After incubating in Europe for the last few years, it seems that Nyos is ripe for the American aquarium market as Ecotech Marine has seen fit to distribute Nyos in the United States.

    The announcement is the first time that Ecotech Marine has imported and distributed the products of another company, and Nyos is as good a product line they could have chosen to associate with. Some of Nyos’ products are analogous to existing aquarium products, most notably Zeovit, but by and large the Nyos product catalog is populated by lots of innovative offerings.

    From organic fish foods to coral foods, higher quality test kits to protein skimmers and water pumps, there’s a lot of Nyos products to fill in the “gaps” in Ecotech Marine’s own products. Ecotech Marine already has the test kits, supplements and water pumps in stock and the Nyos foods and protein skimmers should be available starting in February. [Nyos]
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