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    Ecosmart Live has come a long way as a platform for cloud based control of Ecotech Marine products. But while the system has been great for fancy, granular level control of high performance Radion LED lights, the product that put Ecotech on the map, the Vortech pump, has been left out in the cold, until now.

    This past weekend at ReefStock 2014 in Denver Colorado we got a first look at the implementation of controlling Vortech pumps using Ecosmart Live and nothing could have prepared us for the results. It may still be under development and a little ways off from public release but the degree to which you can control, program and schedule the Vortech water pumps is absolutely unmatched.

    All of the crazy things that super critical reefers would like to implement in regards to water flow type and intensity, as it relates to what else is going on in the aquarium will be but a few clicks or finger taps away. Want a particular feed mode to start when your fish or coral food automatic feeder kicks on? How about nutrient transport mode when your skimmer is revved up al the way, or super high flow mode when the lights are at full brightness and corals need it most?

    All of this advanced functionality will be able to come online as soon as the next major leg of Ecosmart Live is activated. Check out our video of Patrick Clasen showig off the new features of Ecosmart Live and if you’ve got a Reeflink and some Ecotech gear, the time for smart synergy between lighting and water flow is almost upon us.

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    love my reeflink :)

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