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8 May 2007
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LSS Laboratory is always bringing some idea items in Japanese aquarium market.  This time, they showed us a quarantine fish box.  When you introduce new fish to your display tank, sometime it is better to put the fish in quarantine fish box to see the attitude for the current fish in the display tank.  Usually the fish box in the market cannot be disassembled, so you need to have certain space to stock when you do not use it.

However, EcoFishBox is different because you can disassemble the box completely when you do not use it.  You can see the diagram for EcoFishBox.

There are 4 models of EcoFishBox right now.  S2 and M2 models have a divider, so you can put 2 fish in the different chamber.

EcoFishBox S1 Size: W110×D110×H110mm

EcoFishBox S2 Size: W210×D110×H110mm

EcoFishBox M1 Size: W160×D160×H160mm

EcoFishBox M2 Size: W310×D160×H160mm

LSS Laboratory is also thinking to use a magnet to attach the tank, but it is still under discussion.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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This time, they showed us a quarantine fish box

It's not a quarantine box, if water can freely flow between that and the main system. More a holding place to introduce newcomers. Or get fuzzy eaters to eat. Or keep an injured fish.

I do not like the bracket either. Does limit it to rimless tanks only.
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