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    The Eco Runner 6000 is a new water pump from AquaMedic which is very efficient at very high flow rates. The Eco Runner pumps use an electronically controlled synchronous motor which promises to deliver very high flow while sipping on very few electrons. Similar pumps to the Eco Runner 6000 include the Mag Drive 12 which pumps 1200 gph while consuming 110 watts and the Sicce Synchra 5.0 which pumps 1321 gph while using 105 watts. By comparison, the Eco Runner 6000 pumps 6000 liters per hour (1585 gph) while using only 70 watts!

    The value-centric Maq Drive 12 will definitely be louder and require a new impeller in a couple of years and the Sicce Synchra is renowned for it’s silent operation which we doubt the Eco Runner can match. However if you are looking for sheer efficiency, the Eco Runner has a very impressive flow rate for using just 70 watts. The one big caveat to this performance will be the flow curve as all that efficiency is likely to drop pretty quickly as the Eco Runner is challenged with more head pressure.

    Eco Runner pumps will also come in a 3500, 9000 and 12,000 which push as many liters per hour as their namesake. The Eco Runner pumps can be run wet or dry with a bevy of attachments and fittings to make this pump work for you. No word on a release date for the Eco Runner yet but once it lands in Germany and Europe, we imagine it will be another few months before AquaMedic USA gets some.

    [AquaMedic via ReefNews]
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