RSS Eco-Lamps releases a crazy new hybrid LED light . . . for gemstones?

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8 May 2007
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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve reported on Eco-Lamps but their new Gemstone LED hybrid light really caught our attention. This crazy concoction of an LED light is fully controllable, and it not only includes T5 lamp but also has a couple built-in halogen bulbs.

To be clear, this is not an aquarium light, but a light purposely built to display and show off gemstones under their most flattering colors. So the Eco-Lamps Gemstone light is designed to bring out an enormous range of light colors but it is not designed to be bright and punch deep into aquarium water.

Nevertheless, Eco-Lamps seems to have pulled out all the stops with this new kind of hybrid LED, T5 and Halogen light. In addition to having all these technologies crammed under one case, every light source and multiple colors of LEDs are all wirelessly controlled via a smartphone application, and there’s already tons of presets color settings predefined to bring out the best colors out of certain gemstones.

There seems to be two versions of Eco-Lamps Gemstone LED light, one with a single fluorescent tube, and a second more powerful one with two T5 tubes, with the larger model rated for up to 120 watts. The light includes a large sturdy mounting arm which can pivot and tilt the light, but it is designed to be mounted to a jeweler’s table.

The Eco-Lamps Gemstone light is a very interesting amalgamation of lighting technologies, perfectly suited to displaying the color and brilliance of many different gemstones, but it could probably do well lighting up planted tanks as it is. But our mind is already racing ahead at the very slight modifications Eco-Lamps would have to do to make this a really compelling Hybrid T5 & LED reef light. [Eco-Lamps]

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