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8 May 2007
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The new Eco-Lamps iOS app just landed in the app store to allow you to control all the Eco-lamps products including the reef aquarium, plant and gemstone light. Although the mobile app to control lights is nothing new, there are a couple of things that caught our attention.

Just looking down the feature list on the Eco-Lamps iOS app, you get the feeling that you do have a few options to get the most out of your light. There is an “auto” setting to enable up to 20 light stages. But if you want to tinker, there is a manual setting with seven channels to control including your neutral white, cool white, cyan, blue, royal blue, blue-violet and UV, and dial things up from 0-100% intensity.

What may be the coolest part of the Eco-Lamps iOS app is the ability to manage the theoretical depth of the water to adjust the spectrum and power for specific reef environment, coral or fish. On both the auto and manual modes, there are both an expert setting, where you can adjust each channel as you’d like, and a simple mode you can slide the depth dial from 0 meters to 30 meters below the surface and adjust the power from 0-100% as well to find the look you like. Once there you can save it to your profile.

Of course, what good is an app without a way to show off all the tricks? The app features five quick access modes from the home screen allowing you to cycle between the auto mode, manual mode, demo mode, thunder mode and to turn it off. You will also see slider along the bottom of most screens that allow you to adjust the depth intensity as well.

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