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    The Eclipse LED lights are some of the first we’ve seen that make excellent use of the heatsink to wrap the components in an attractive enclosure. Coming in three types, the Eclipse Smart, Eclipse Max and Eclipse Color, the LED aquarium lights from Veritas Controls stand out from the crowd.

    We*have not yet seen any of the Veritas Controls Eclipse LED lights but these drool worthy images make this light seem on the same level as the JBJ Wifi Unibody, NanoBox Reef LED and SunBrite F-Series LED in terms of form and function.*


    We like extruded aluminum heatsinks as much as the next person, but with their gorgeous blue wraparound extrusions the Eclipse Smart, Max and Color LED lights are actually attractive. Add to the Eclipse a slew of awesome features like wireless bluetooth controls for Android smartphones, and what appears to be continuous color control with RGB LEDs, and Veritas Controls has a very unique LED light on their hands. The pricing of these lights doesn’t seem too bad but we’ll need to see them in person over real live corals before we pass a final judgment on these Eclipse LED aquarium *lights.

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