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    Since the volumes associated with a ‘true’ pico reef is quite restrictive, we tend to think of pico reef tanks as examples of simplicity, and exercises in minimalism. Somehow, Nano-Reef forum user East1 failed to read that memorandum and charted a course for his unique 1.5 gallon SPS pico reef tank which breaks away from all conventions of nano reef keeping.

    Starting with a seamless acrylic vessel approximately the size of a shoebox, East1 has developed a Pico reef which is fully loaded with the best contemporary equipment one can put on a full size reef aquarium. The acrylic shoebox has been drilled to be fitted with a sump, and inside that sump resides a modified Deltec internal skimmer, a regimen of biopellets for nutrient control and multi-channel additive dosing.

    [​IMG]The miniature patch reef of SPS corals is contrasted and highlighted with a moderately deep sand bed to accomodate a nice and tall red mangrove shoot. The entire set up has gone through several lighting revision that have culminated into the right kind of lighting overkill, a Radion LED light mounted high enough to light up both the corals and that neat-o mangrove tree.

    Perhaps the best part of East1’s artistic use of his shoebox sized SPS Pico reef is that the tank journal is basically encompassed in a nice and neat thread over at Nano-Reef. While still only a handful pf months old, it’s awesome and enlightening to see this reefer’s creative process in regards to the tank the animals, and the equipment, and any reefer with love for reef tanks 10 gallons or less will delight in following along with East1’s masterful creation.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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