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4 May 2007
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One thing that MASA seems to be lacking is a decent amount of equipment reviews/unboxing threads. So we thought it would be cool to try and increase this by offering you a small reward in return for writing for a nice review for us.

This is how it will work, if you write at least 3 structured reviews then you will be awarded with the following:

  • Your username in bold purple;

  • A "MASA Contributor" badge permanently displayed under your username;

  • An increase in PM space from 200 to 500. :eek:

  • A small hamper of flake fish food delivered to your door.:) (South African deliverable addresses only)

Ideally we would like your reviews to be fairly substantial and structured with an introduction, main review and conclusion.

As many pics as possible, try to do a minimum of 5 pics if you can, videos are also strongly encouraged.
Writing a 5 line review with one pic will not qualify. ;)

* Please ensure you include the exact name and model number in your thread title. e.g Reef Octopus BPR-200 Biopellet Reactor.

You can review anything, from heaters to filter sock holders to full plug and play tanks.

Have a look at some good examples of reviews here - Equipment/Product Reviews which is the same place where we would like you to start your threads, just look down the left column for this box to get your thread/article started:

You can also get some review ideas from other websites like this one - Store and beyond!

Don't worry too much about layout and formatting if you're struggling, one of the mods will make it look pretty when you're done. :thumbup:

This is not a competition, there is no cut off date, it will be a permanent feature on the forum. Have fun. :)
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