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    1001041226ccc5c4d8c609a465-300x300.jpg The Dymax XP30 has been floating its way out of Singapore the last few months and recently made its way into the UK market. This diminutive skimmer is aimed at the small tank and all-in-one nano market where there is a limited amount of space to install a skimmer. Measuring in at a mere 5cm wid and 25cm high, the Dymax XP30 will fit into some pretty tight spaces. Its overall design isn’t anything we haven’t seen before in other skimmers like a Tunze but Dymax is looking to be that affordable option for aquarists.

    Probably the most unique aspect of the Dymax XP30 is the use of a magnetic holder allowing the skimmer to be held in place for reasonably easy access. As one of the smaller skimmers on the market using an integrated pump, the XP30 could be a good option for tanks up to 44 gal. (200 l) but most likely would be best for tanks no larger than 30 gal. with an average stocking list. The pump utilized in the XP30 is rated at 32 GPH (600 lph) at 15w of power used. As the recent writeup in Practical*Fishkeeping*noted, the design and feel of the unit is pretty cheap but for the €49.99 MSRP it should do what you need it to.

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    I have one of those skimmers.....needed a few small tweaks when I got it, It seems to do the job now....

    If there is one thing I still battle with its the fact that it is realy hard to adjust, I always seem to get a very wet skim from it, perhaps I need to add an airpump......

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