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    DVH, who first introduced the reefing world to the NP biopellet and the solid carbon dosing craze, has a new supplemental product to give your biopellets a boost. DVH BioGro 1-2-3 will work alone or give the pellets a hand by*reducing nitrates, phosphates and detritus in the aquarium. The three-part system improves the biological balance and reduces algae growth. The kit*includes BioGro 1 Balance,
    BioGro 2 Nitrification and BioGro 3 Sludge for detritus removal.

    BioGro 1*is 12 strains of bacteria that produce enzymes for a stable biological balance. BioGro 2*contains 14 strains of bacteria that aid the nitrification process. The second stage includes nitrosomonas, nitrobacter, and nitrospira strains and bacillus strains to*optimize the process. The final part,*BioGro 3, has*contains nine strains of bacteria to work on removing the slow decaying detritus.

    The initial dosage is 30ml per 50 gallons and 10ml per 50 gallons each week as part of your maintenance regimen. The BioGro 1-2-3 system runs $55.95 at Aquarium Specialty.
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