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    Dupla Marin has awoken from its slumber and shortly after the introduction of its high precision hydrometer, it is ready to make another big push with the Dupla Marin P4 Dosing Pump. The Dupla P4 is not in any way intended to be shock and awe, but a more basic entry into the additive and dosing segment of the aquarium market, to kickstart an annual release of more and more refined dosing pump.

    The P4 dosing pump is a typical 4-channel dosing pump with all the features you’d expect from such a device. The P4 dosing pump from Dupla Marin has indicator lights for each channel of the dosing pumps, calibration of individual pump heads, as well as dosing in 1ml increments.

    [​IMG]The P4 won’t be turning any heads with standard issue timer and dosing volumes of 100 ml per day. But at 199€ on the shelves of European fishstores the P4 might be able to get more newbies using a dosing pump, and getting more acquainted with Dupla Marin and automatic dosing in general.

    Some of the accessories to accompany the Dupla Marin P4 include an also-basic dosing line holder made of bent acrylic and threaded nylon screws. Dupla Marin is not really gunning to enter the aquarium market in the U.S. with such a me-too dosing pump but they are already working on a second generation dosing device which will have a lot more features and refinements to make it a compelling contender in the North America which will likely debut in one year at Interzoo 2016.

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