RSS Dual Ramp Timer from Current USA does the two-step — dual channel LED dimming

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    The new Current USA Dual Ramp Timer features dual channel control to give you a bit more control over your lighting. You get the features of the*Current USA Single Ramp Timer*with an additional channel of control that will make it nice for simple LED lights with blue and white LEDs.

    With the Dual Ramp Time you can program each channel for on/off time and adjust the minimum and maximum intensity of each channel. The minimum and maximum intensity will allow you to hack your blue channel to be a moonlight or tweak your color scheme a bit.

    The Dual Ram Timer also features the 15 minute ramp up/dim down feature we covered in the single. The timer has a touch LCD screen and includes a wireless remote for big fingers. Suggested ***P is $69 and will ship in September.
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