RSS Dual chip indigo LED soon to have its 410 and 420 nm rays tested over corals

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    Pictured above is a prototype dual chip indigo colored LED with not one but two light emitting diodes under the same primary optic. It’s pretty hot right? It’s really nice having at least one light in the reef aquarium LED arsenal with a platform of individually replaceable LEDs, the MaxSpect Mazarra. The P Series Mazarra LED light already ship with six different LED colors including two indigo LEDs with peaks at 410 and 420 nm separately. Not one to let their irons cool, with the Mazarra now shipping worldwide MaxSpect is beginning to turn its attention towards the first crop of LEDs that users will be able to swap into their Mazarra LED fixtures.

    In addition to the the cool white, neutral white, blue, royal blue and indigo LED colors already included in the Mazarra, we expect to see red, cyan, UV and dual chip versions of the indigo LED which will really help get more punch in the energetic low end of the blue light spectrum. Since the Mazarra has individually swappable LEDs it will be a cinch to trade out the dual chip 410 and 420 for their single core versions currently installed. We’ll report back on the brightness and appearance of the dual core indigo LEDs and also on the experience of swapping chips in the MaxSpect Mazarra LED.

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