1. Renannchen


    28 Oct 2008
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    Hey , was wondering i want to create a dsb in my displaytank i curently use fiji pink aragonite and have 25kg more that i want to add to the DT
    1. do i have to move my LS
    2. will it create a nitrate spike?
    I want to change my sump aswel, but first want to establish a DSB in my tank before putting in the new sump, what would be my best options?
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  3. RiaanP

    RiaanP Moderator

    11 Aug 2008
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    Ok first, a DSB in tank should also be 15cm deep. Do not know your tank size but will 25kg be enough?

    Secondly, must make sure all live rock are securely stable. And nothing can dug in under them and create a rock fall.

    An in-tank DSB footprint is not as big as you think. The exposed to water surface area. Have to deduct the area used by the rocks to get the real footprint. And not full surface area will be active. Will have a lot more dead areas around the rocks into corners.

    Sandstorms or sifting sand in tank? If your pumps are already blowing or moving the sand, just think about it, then it can move more sand...:(

    Do you have a deep tank. You are lowering the free swimming space in the tank by 12-15 cm. Or do you rather want that valuable real estate to display your fish and corals?

    Then again, for some people this is the way to do it. But it is not for me.

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