Drying out rock to kill pests...

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by Potions, 27 Jul 2014.

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    Hi guys

    I just wanted to ask will drying out a piece of liverock that may have a gorilla crab or mantis shrimp in it for 2 weeks GUARANTEE that it would not survive?

    I had a recent nightmare experience with a pest with my nano which was otherwise going great :( I don't want to give up, so I just want to ask if drying out my liverock for 2 weeks and then recurring it will definitely kill off any unwanted pests...?


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    Probably, but it will kill off a lot of other beneficial stuff too. Try the soda water method first. If you know which piece of rock the critter is hiding in then take that piece of rock out, put it in a bucket, then, using a turkey baster, squirt soda water into the holes in the rock where you think the critter is hiding, they will come flying out and drop down into the bucket. You can also use RO water but soda water works much better. Or put about 2 litres of aquarium water into a bucket and just leave the piece of rock in the bucket for a while, the critter should come out on his own and you'll hopefully find him in the water, I think they can somehow sense where the water is.
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