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    As much time as we spend looking*through*the aquarium glass, there is nothing high tech about how we keep that glass looking clean and clear. Scrub down the algae on the inside, using a scraper blade or pad, and give a wipe to the outside.*But while most of us are content to use paper towels or a squeegee, we’re here at LiveAquaria and they don’t mess around when it comes to keeping the glass clean.

    Where a squeegee can and will leave some streaks and some watermarks, and paper towels require a little bit of elbow grease and maybe a little freshwater spray, the Drs. Foster & Smith Acrylic Wipes really do make short work of it. Just like baby wipes, the DFS Wipes carry a solution that cuts through saltwater spots and residue and really gets the glass a-shinin’.

    That same light wetness to the DFS Wipes is also great for lubricating the motion of stronger algae scraper magnets, while also wiping down the outside of the tank. The Drs. Foster & Smith Acrylic Wipes are good for glass and acrylic and while it’s not going to revolutionize your tank keeping, at $12 for 100 sheets the service person in your home can make that tank shine without breaking the bank.
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