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    One of the rites of passage for reef keepers is being able to frag your first coral. Once the bug bites you, you’ll be shearing off coral tidbits like a pro and when you have a lot of fragging to do running around to find an instrument isn’t fun. This is where the DR Instruments mobile personal frag kit becomes a valuable ally in your fragging adventures.

    The nylon case comes with strap to either sling over your shoulder or attach to your belt and contains your common fragging tools to always have them in reach. In the kit you’ll find 6 in. shears for your soft corals, a 6 in. cutter for your stony corals, forceps so you don’t have to handle the frag, a scalpel and a probe with a sharp end and a blunt end.

    This holster fragging kit retails for around $39.99.
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