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    Dr. G’s SPS & LPS Coral Dip Solution is an aptly named coral dip with a new take on how to cleanse corals before putting them in the aquarium. Dr. G’s Coral Dip Solution does not use pine oils or iodine, both of which have irritating properties to coral tissues, and is claimed to be a formulation that is effective at ridding parasites while also being gentle on corals.

    Dr. G’s coral dip removes acropora red bugs, planaria, acro eating flatworms, a whole suite of different nudibranch and more. Where Dr. G’s Coral Dip Solution wildly differs from other coral dip formulas is that corals are kept in their bath for six hours for the active ingredients to work their stuff.

    Effective or not, reef aquarists are thoroughly trained on doing ten to twenty minute coral dips so we’ll have to see if this new protocol for coral dipping can catch on. However if the product is as effective as Dr. G’s says it is at removing coral parasites, then the SPS & LPS Coral Dip Solution could become a new staple product for active reefers and coral collectors.
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