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    drg-phytoplankton-max-91x300.jpg Another day brings another new coral food to the marine aquarium hobby market. This time it’s Dr. G’s, maker of that medicated frozen reef fish food, with a phytoplankton product of its own. Phytoplankton Max from Dr. G.’s is a marine microalgae concentrate which is made in Florida and joins Dr. G’s other Marine Aquaculture products of phyto, oyster and copepod products.

    Dr. G’s doesn’t go into any detail about what kind of phytoplankton is found inside Phytoplankton Max, nor does it state at what concentrations they are found, but odds are that it probably includes some ratio of centrifuged Nannochloropsis and/or Tetraselmis*species, maybe even a little Isochrysis*for good measure. If you’re into feeding live phytoplankton to your marine or reef aquarium, look for Dr. G’s Phytoplankton Max at your LFS or you can also order it from the Dr. G’s Marine Aquaculture website directly. [Dr. G's]
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